aka Vinny

  • I live in Ohio, United States
  • My occupation is Nothing! :D
  • I am Male
  • Valoopy
    • Pheonix 5707(Howdy)
    • 10:44Valoopy(okay, so as I said this is very loose)
    • (its an exercise on both parts)
    • (a simple rp though, now lets start)
    • 10:45Pheonix 5707(Got it, and just ourselves correct?)
    • 10:46ValoopyYou wake up in a dimly lit room. Your head is pounding, and you have no clue where you are. You realize soon you are in a jail cell.
    • You have no recollection of anything you may have done, but you hear guards outside the cell door.
    • 10:47Pheonix 5707*Keeps silent and evades to the darkest corner of the cell, hoping not to be seen*
    • 10:47ValoopyYou overhear one say to the other, "Yes, caught him out back. Beat the shit outta him, too."
    • (What would you like to do?)
    • 10:48Pheonix 5707*Ponders at what happened and reaches for his forehead, only to feel…
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