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  • Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lighting Dust" of Equestria

    Nitz X 05:53, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lighting Dust" of Equestria

    I'm sorry for the rash behaviour, none of you deserved to be treated the way I treated you, and my self blocking was entirely a waste of bandwidth.

    I was in absolutely terrible mood because I had not slept for a long period of time and I was disapointed in the fact that me and my team lost at the MACE coference, although that does not excuse my actions.

    Once more, I'm sorry for my actions. I should have stayed clam (despite what you guys think, I'm normally REALLY calm in chat, my "freaking out" is me trying to and failing to be humourous, I'm actually prolly sitting there with a stotic face).


    P.S. - Your shit list still means less than a fresh pile of pony crap to me AJ, I could care less what you think of me.

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  • Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lighting Dust" of Equestria

    Here's a song while you read this, because if you aren't a fast reader, this could take awhile. Try and think about what I'm saying, It would mean the world to this community and myself.

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  • Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lighting Dust" of Equestria

    End Of a chapter

    Far back in the past,
    I can remember our first cast,
    And I knew that we'd all have the chance,
    To make one exceedingly deep Romance,

    But Febuary made the house shiver,
    With every letter they delelivered,

    I'll always rememeber the end of our tale
    The memory shall remain of our fail,

    ' Can't recall if I cried,
    When they said Fenix died,

    But I do know I felt something deep inside,
    The night the chat died.

    Bye Bye Peaceful times,
    Drove my chevy to morris but morris was gone,
    That good old colts had some oats and rye,
    singing this is the day that we died...
    This is the day that we died.

    Cloudy skys wrote the lines,
    Seth passed on the news,

    We had faith in the elements of love,
    Because, the ponies told us so...

    Well do you hold faith in the Acoustiā€¦

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  • Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lighting Dust" of Equestria

    How do you all feel about what me and Vulpes Twigy did to the wiki? Yay, Nay?

    State your feelings!

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