Class Areas Based on Race
Warrior Rouge Mage Priest
Earth Yes No No Yes
Unicorn No No Yes Yes
Pegusi No Yes No Yes

So, What is ADND?

It is Advanced Doungeons and Dragons Duh!

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Peg +1 +2 -1 -2
Earth 2 2 -1 -2 -1
Uni -1 -2 +3 +3 -3

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Alignments Examples
LAWFUL GOOD - Twilight Sparkle is an example Neutral Good - Applejack Chaotic Good - Rainbow Dash
Lawful Neutral - Palace Guards. True Neutral - Fluttershy the Tree Chaotic Neutral - Pinkie Pie
Lawful Evil - Shadowbolts Neutral Evil - Nightmare Moon Chaotic Evil - Discord

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